Reverie – definition “ a state being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts, a daydream”

5 Original pieces – a musical cross between Stevie Wonder and Claud Debussy

As you step into an art gallery and savor the work of a single artist, you observe each piece as a whole and find yourself returning to a particular feature that intrigues you. That’s how Susan’s 5 pieces are – each piece has its own beauty and character and yours ears delight as she returns to a brief passage within the piece. Also you admire her compositions and her masterful harp playing” Angi Bemiss -harpist, arranger

“Peaceful, calm and reflective” Nella Rigell harpist for the Atlanta Ballet – the Nutcracker

Recorded at 800 East StudiosProducer, Mixing and Mastering -Ken Greggory, Cover art work: Teresa Crowder, Design Don Erdman

Brasstown Concert Association Concert at John Campbell Folk School

Susan Ottzen Jazz Harp Trio performing September 20 at 2pm at the John Campbell Folk School










The Susan Ottzen Jazz Harp Trio recorded an album of jazz standards in June 2019 to promote our work, we had a CD release party/concert at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta in October with great success and performed again at Waller’s Coffee Shop in January 2020 with a packed house. Hank Sieglson, director of the Emory Jazz Alliance said about our CD, “I listened to your new CD and its damn awesome. I liked it so much I put it on my computer.”

Susan Ottzen Jazz Harp Trio at Waller’s Coffee Shop, January 18th, 5-7 pm

Here’s what one of our fans had to say about our trio.

Thank you – and Don – so much for traveling to Clemson yesterday to play your program of great jazz tunes. It was thoroughly wonderful. The audience was extremely appreciative. I can’t tell you how many people have stopped me yesterday and today to thank us for arranging the concert. People mentioned not only the great playing but also the way you and Don personalized each piece with your commentary. It all made for a wonderful Sunday afternoon.  – Jamie Dean