Reverie – definition “ a state being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts, a daydream”

5 Original pieces – a musical cross between Stevie Wonder and Claud Debussy

As you step into an art gallery and savor the work of a single artist, you observe each piece as a whole and find yourself returning to a particular feature that intrigues you. That’s how Susan’s 5 pieces are – each piece has its own beauty and character and yours ears delight as she returns to a brief passage within the piece. Also you admire her compositions and her masterful harp playing” Angi Bemiss -harpist, arranger

“Peaceful, calm and reflective” Nella Rigell harpist for the Atlanta Ballet – the Nutcracker

Recorded at 800 East StudiosProducer, Mixing and Mastering -Ken Greggory, Cover art work: Teresa Crowder, Design Don Erdman


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