Susan Ottzen Jazz Harp Trio

Jazz trios have been around since the early days of jazz. Yet, here is one that defies the norm. A Jazz Harp Trio! Susan Ottzen conceived of this ensemble and assembled it piece by piece. First, asking Don Erdman to join her with his clarinet and then adding Lyn DeRamus on the upright bass. When Lyn came on board everything fell in place. Recording a CD seemed like the logical next step. So, Susan employed the services of two excellent recording engineers, Bo Gaiason and Bill Porter. They made the work of recording easy and relaxed.

So, here it is. The newly formed “Susan Ottzen Jazz Harp Trio All the songs were selected by Susan. Songs that go back to the days of Duke Ellington and forward to the music of Stevie Wonder and John Williams. Songs that are distinguished by their unforgettable melodies.

We hope this recording brings you as much joy as we three experienced putting it together.



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