So Much News…

Skill Share a teaching program created by the Dekalb County Library supplies classes to different branches of the library. Susan Ottzen was selected to teach a History of the Harp and mini harp lessons to all participants presented her workshop at the Decatur Kofer-Cohen branch of the library with great success, the workshop was held on March 11 and 10 participants want to return for a 6 week Harp Lesson Class at this library in the fall of 2017

Upcoming events

Summer Adult Student Workshop
“Why do we like the Music We do?” from the book “Your Brain on Music” by Daniel J. Levitin
Pick your favorite song, analyze it for how catchy it is -find the music on line or transcribe it, what skills do you need to develop to do it, play it for us and discuss what you learned. Rhythmic dictation and melodic dictation, time signature,playing in an ensemble similar to bell choir-boomwhacker ensemble and percussion. (something else needs to be added)

Leonard Bernstein Centenniel-on Feb 11, and 17 2018
Susan will present a program showing from Bernstein’s “Young Peoples Concerts” The TV program that aired in 1961 at the Unitarian Universalist Church “What is Melody?” to honor his centennial and discuss if his work is relevant to kids, teens, and adults today in 2018.


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